What Is the Difference Between UI and UX Design?

What is UX (User Experience) Design?

  • Usability: is it easy and efficient to use?
  • Function: can you accomplish your intended goals?
  • Value: does it carry enough importance, worth, or usefulness?
  • Impression: is it delightful to use?

What Does a UX Designer Do?

  • User testing & research
  • Information architecture, so the most important pieces of information are seen first
  • Creating flowcharts to illustrate how users move through the product
  • Designing wireframes, to ensure that all essential elements are accounted for on any given page or screen
  • Writing text for the interface of an app to help the user understand what they can expect to accomplish on any given action

What Soft Skills Does a UX Designer Need?

  • Curiosity, or a desire to dive deeper when understanding users
  • Critical thinking, to solve usability problems efficiently and effectively
  • Growth mindset, to stay on top of trends and retain a receptive mind
  • Collaboration, to work well with others who might not fully understand the user-centric approach to design

What is UI (User Interface) Design?

What Does a UI Designer Do?

  • Choosing color schemes that are brand-aligned and account for visibility requirements
  • Establishing or updating a design system to improve consistency
  • Designing a full mockup of a website and the responsive design of mobile apps
  • Making sure the typography is easy to read and reflects the information hierarchy on the page
  • Collaborating with both the UX designer and the development team to ensure your mockup fits all requirements

What Soft Skills Does a UI Designer Need?

  • Creativity, to think outside the box when designing interfaces
  • Attention to detail, to create pixel perfect, high-fidelity mockups
  • Receptiveness to feedback, to produce effective design iterations
  • An eye for design, to produce work that’s aesthetically pleasing as well as functional

How Are UI and UX Different?

How Do UI Design and UX Design Work Together?

What UI and UX Look Like in the Real World

How to Learn More About UI and UX Design



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