How to Become a UX Designer Without a Degree in 2022

What is UX Design?

What Does a UX Designer Do?

Is UX Design For You?

Why You Don’t Need a Degree From a Traditional Art or Design School to Become a UX Designer

  • Extremely expensive (tuition can range from $20,000-$100,000 per year of study)
  • Long and slow, taking you out of the job market for several years
  • Skills taught can be out of step with the job market, and often require additional internships in order to gain necessary relevant experience

How to Become a UX Designer Without A Degree

1. Self-Study: Become Familiar With the Fundamentals of UX Design

  • Principles of visual organization — like layout, hierarchy, contrast, and balance.
  • Color theory — how to build color palettes and use them sensitively and effectively.
  • Typography — the difference between different typefaces (fonts), and how to choose and combine them.
  • Design thinking — how to empathize with the user, and think from their perspective to solve problems with visuals and products.

2. Self-Study: Learn How to Use UX Design Tools

3. Upleveling Your UX Design Skillset

One-Off Courses: Focused Education on a Single Topic

UX Design Bootcamps: An Intensive Education to Kickstart Your Career

Your UX Design Career Begins Now



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