2022 Guide To UX/UI Job Descriptions

1. User Experience (UX) Designer Job Description

UX Designer Responsibilities:

  • Problem Definition: discussing the project with other stakeholders to ensure that the problem is fully explored and clearly defined.
  • Primary Research: identifying target user groups, and conducting interviews and other forms of inquiry to help understand user needs.
  • Secondary Research: including competitor analysis, product feature analysis, and examination of analogous products and adjacent markets.
  • Research Analysis: through techniques like affinity mapping and persona building, and the creation of user flows and task flows.
  • Wireframing: wireframes appear often as part of design processes. Depending on the team, the UX designer might create anything from a low-fidelity wireframe (taking the form of quick thumbnail sketches on paper or in your design software) or a high-fidelity wireframe, which is much more detailed.
  • Prototyping: similarly, the UX designer may make a prototype from the wireframe content. Early, low-fidelity prototyping helps to validate ideas before investing lots of time in creating final screen designs.
  • User testing: the UX designer often leads user testing of high-fidelity prototypes and near-final products. In this situation, their role is to observe pain points for the user, and other possible weaknesses in the design.

2. User Interface (UI) Designer Job Description

UI Designer Responsibilities:

  • High-fidelity Mockups: detailed and polished screen designs that show exactly how the app or website will look in use.
  • Prototyping: a clickable, end-to-end journey of the mockups, that allows users to test the experience of moving between screens.
  • Design system creation and/or maintenance: a library of user interface components that can be re-used to create more screens and features in the future.
  • Brand Identity Design: sometimes, elements of brand design for the digital product (but not usually for the company). For example, the UI designer might create the logo for an app, or develop a color palette and set of font choices for the project that complement existing brand guidelines.
  • Visual language: development of visual language for the UI, including icons, illustrations, and photo treatments. These might be designed from scratch, or they might be selected from a library of native OS icons or stock graphics.
  • UI layout optimization: the UI designer might receive low fidelity wireframes at the start of the project, and propose optimizations — for example, making button positions more consistent between screens.

3. UX/UI Designer Job Description

4. Product Designer Job Description

Product Designer Responsibilities:

  • Partner closely with cross-functional teams to develop elegant solutions
  • Maintain, update, and add to the company’s design system documentation and processes
  • Evaluate user observations and interviews to uncover insights and create an exceptional user experience
  • Inform and guide the work of team members by providing clear, helpful, and actionable feedback
  • Drive product design process from research, high level user journeys, concepts, wireframes, and prototypes all the way to excellent visual execution
  • Rapidly produce pixel-perfect and low-fidelity concepts and prototypes

5. UX Researcher Job Description

UX Researcher Responsibilities:

  • Lead prototype testing, competitive analysis, surveys, and exploratory research
  • Recruit users for research studies, write interview and test guides, analyze data from research studies, and build research reports
  • Work with designers, researchers, and product managers, to create product roadmaps.
  • Generate insights that inform how the product team as a whole views short and long-term product strategy

6. Visual Designer Job Description

Visual Designer Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to design processes within your team
  • Create design materials for digital and/or print
  • Provide creative guidance and brand direction for the company

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